2024 Caribbean Sub-regional Meetings and Related Activities

3 Jun 2024 Antigua and Barbuda 3 Jun - 5 Jun

2024 Caribbean Sub-regional Meetings and Related Activities

  • 3 Jun - 5 Jun
  • Antigua and Barbuda

·       Sub-regional Advisory Women’s Committee (SUBWOC) meeting – June 3 (Cortsland Hotel)

Chair – Sis Tifonie Powell-Williams (JCSA)

·       Sub-regional Advisory Committee (SUBRAC) meeting – June 4 and 5 (ABWU)

Co-Chairs – Sis Tifonie Powell-Williams (JCSA) and Bro Steve joseph (DPSU)


SUBWOC: Conference Room, Cortsland Hotel, Upper Gambles, Antigua

SUBRAC & Workshop: Union Hall, Antigua & Barbuda Workers’ Union ABWU), Freedom Hall, Newgate Street, St John’s

Times: 9:15 am to 5:45 pm

SUBWOCs and SUBRACs are held in all PSI’s sub-regions. They are advisory bodies to the Regional Executive Committees (RECs). 

While many of you customarily use the word “conference” to describe the activities, these are in fact the first layer of PSI’s annual constitutional meetings.

PSI aims to ensure that the meetings are as interactive and engaging as possible, providing opportunities for in-depth discussion (both in and outside of meeting hours) on key issues, using a rights-based perspective.

We respect and follow the usual and accepted meeting protocols and practices. In the Caribbean we also work hard to ensure that the sub-regional meetings are part of our capacity building efforts. We have designed the content and format of the meetings to assist attendees and their organisations to not only exchange information and strategies, but also to think forward and use available tools to win for workers and their families.

Using the examples of actions taken by affiliates, successes and lessons learnt, affiliates will be able to draw on the various tools and resources provided through PSI and allies to deal with the various issues that affiliates are facing. Critical in all this is the need to build and strengthen practical solidarity.

The meetings also have an eye on the horizon, helping affiliates to practise foresight. We seek to encourage affiliates to use various methods to think ahead, to anticipate. By doing so, affiliates can shape, create and develop plausible and different futures. Foresight produces and uses information that helps organisations anticipate change.