Digitalisation Training - North America, Europe, Caribbean

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Digitalisation Training - North America, Europe, Caribbean

Digitalisation Training - North America, Europe, Caribbean

The following training materials were produced as part of the regional training for PSI's Our Digital Future Project

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Welcome to our regional training hub.

You can navigate to the material you need using the table of contents on the left or by clicking your group type below. All material is uploaded per group and per workshop.

Digital Rights Organiser

Union Leader

Staff/Shop Steward

- Digital Rights Organiser Training (DRO)

Who are the DROs?

In each region we have recruited a group of 10-20 DROs. In addition to PSI staff, this group consists of union organisers, representatives and/or secretariat staff who are actively engaged in digital issues or have a key interest in them and want to learn more.

The main expectation of the DROs is that they participate in the training and take the learning back to their union to help them develop and implement strategies to help workers deal with digitalisation issues. DROs have the commitment of their union to spread and promote the acquired digital knowledge, develop and implement digital strategies in your union, and, where possible, provide assistance to other unions in the region.

Digital Rights Organiser - Training Material (EU/NA/CA)

Training material for North America/Europe/Carribean regions to accompany the Digital Rights Organiser training of the PSI "OUR DIGITAL FUTURE" Project.

DRO Workshop One

Training Module One

Video Excerpts

Workshop One Slides

Jam board (participant brainstorming)

DRO Workshop Two

Workshop Two Video

Workshop Two Slides

Workshop Two Jamboard (Participant Brainstorming)

DRO Workshop Three

Workshop Three Video

Workshop Three Slides

Workshop Three Jamboard (Participant brainstorming)

- Union Leader Training

Coming soon

Union Leader Workshop One

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Union Leader Workship Two

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Union Leader Workshop Three

Coming soon

- Staff/Shop Steward Training

Coming soon

Staff/Shop Steward Workshop One

Coming soon

Staff/Shop Steward Workshop Two

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Staff/Shop Steward Workshop Three

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About the Project

To turn digitalisation into a useful tool that improves workers' conditions and public service effectiveness, quality and access, unions need a strong understanding of the very core of digital systems: data and algorithms.

Both have significant and oftentimes dire consequences on workers’ rights and the job and career opportunities available to workers.

The Our Digital Future Project

These materials are part of the PSI Project Our Digital Future, supported by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

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