Verónica Montúfar

Verónica Montúfar

Equalities Officer

Verónica Montúfar is a sociologist and a political scientist with a master’s degree in Political Sociology. PSI's Gender Equality Officer.

Care as a human right is advancing through its explicit recognition in the legislation of Ecuador, which has become the first country in the world to affirm it as the right of people to care, to take care of themselves and to be cared for, with the State as their guarantor. Previously, only the Constitution of Mexico City in 2017, stipulated that "every person has the right to care that sustains his or her life and grants him or her the material and symbolic elements to live in society."


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PSI has commissioned a study that focuses on the state of care arrangements in different countries around the world that will contribute to the discussion on how an agenda for transformation could be advanced. An agenda that will rebuild the social organisation of care, based on the principles of social co-responsibility, equality, and decent work.


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