However, in disclosing information, whistleblowers often risk their jobs, freedom, and even their lives.

We are at forefront of fight for robust whistleblower protections around the world. We campaign for international legal frameworks that build upon national or regional initiatives, ensuring that workers who disclose wrongdoing – especially those of the independent audit institutions, customs, tax revenue agencies, and judicial bodies – are protected from reprisal and rewarded for doing what is fair and just.


Enabling workers to report wrongdoing

Alongside affiliates our work has helped influence the establishment of whistleblower protection frameworks.

Yet some high-profile cases also highlight shortcomings. The lack of dedicated and comprehensive laws means that workers who report wrongdoing often end up losing their jobs.

The Council of Europe suggests that legislation and protection of whistleblowers should be global, to ensure that such protections is universally ensured, regardless of sector or jurisdiction. Many global actors, including the European Commission and the OECD have been examining the protection of whistleblowers, and discussing guaranteed minimum standards.

Between 16-38% of workers suffer retaliation in the US public sector vs. 7-18% in Norway, where legislation and unionization are stronger

In the new Programme of Action for the period 2017-2022, adopted at PSI 30th World Congress, held in Geneva from 30 October to 3 November 2017, PSI explicitly vows to “protect workers who fight corruption in the public administration from objective labour violence, especially employees of state control, justice, tax and inspection bodies, to guarantee decent working conditions”.

Whistleblowing to the media is just the tip of the iceberg. Whistblowers tend to raise concerns about wrongdoing internally more than twice before going external, if they go external at all.


#Truthneedsfriends Greens/EFA - in the European parliament

Sometimes the Truth Needs Friends

We work towards effective whistleblowers' protection frameworks

We influence global policy

We advocate for an ILO standard and EU Directive to protect the independence of workers of control bodies and the jobs of whistleblowers.

We help the movement grow

We support and participate in several initiatives and campaigns aimed at strengthen whistleblowers' protection

We encourage unions to get involve

We support and encourage public sector trade unions in assisting whistleblowers and in having and active role in the creation, development, and adoption of protective frameworks.

Protecting the Protectors

The EU Whistleblower Platform - backed by Trade Unions - is an initiative to ensure whistleblowers are protected in their work.

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Useful tools

Safe communications and anonymity online are key not only to report wrongdoing but also to maintain a level of confidentiality with partners and colleagues. Below we provide some links to useful tools to browse the internet, send and receive emails and text messages in a secure environment:

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