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We have experience working with leaked or sensitive documents. Most recently, we worked both with WikiLeaks and independently to examine a series of leaks from the Trade In Services Agreement negotiations. We understand the importance of protecting whistleblowers (many of whom are public service workers) and are committed to fully protecting all of our sources.

We shine the light on corporate abuse and shady influence.

Have you seen discrepancies in outsourcing or privatization contracts?

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Our work with Leaked Documents makes a difference

In 2015, PSI received a series of leaks from the Trade in Services Agreement Negotiations. These documents revealed how corporations were convincing governments to negotiate away their right to regulate and ensure quality public services into the future.

We produced the first detailed analysis of TiSA and were able to launch a global campaign. After building widespread public opposition, we managed to successfully stop the TiSA talks. In this case, the leaked documents made all the difference.

Rosa Pavanelli General Secretary, PSI

Leaks have changed the game in the fight against offshore tax havens, corporate crimes and anti-democratic trade deals. Whistleblowing is a public service.

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