Corporations scan the world for natural resources, tax havens, the lowest environmental standards, and the lowest wages. They relentlessly take advantage of tax and trade agreements and push international institutions to prioritise privatisation.

PSI challenges the power of corporations and pushes them to respect international human and labour rights wherever they settle and operate. PSI aims to make MNCs accountable to their workers in all the supply chain and to the communities they operate by paying their fair share and disclosing their tax practices.

We actively work to keep vital public services in public hands and bring privatised ones back in-house keeping workers employed in direct quality jobs.

When public services are privatized, PSI seeks to negotiate Global Framework Agreements (GFAs) with multinational corporations and monitors their compliance. We work with unions to build labour power, assert their members’ rights and conditions, resolve outstanding conflicts, improve social dialogue and working conditions in privatized public service multinational corporations.

GFAs can be an important tool to build up the power  to protect workers’ rights and to hold corporations to account on core PSI global policies such as just transition, anti-corruption and tax justice.


A share of PSI affiliates’ membership is concentrated in private public service provision including many corporations with worldwide subsidiaries and controlled operations.

While PSI defends public services and public sector jobs and push for the in-sourcing and re-municipalization of outsourced and privatized operations, we also acknowledge our duty to defend and protect the union rights and decent working conditions of its affiliates’ members in privatised services.

We help our affiliates negotiate, implement and monitor GFAs and build international solidarity among workers.

PSI has negotiated three GFAs with multinational corporations active in the energy sector: these are EDF Group, ENGIE (formerly GDF-Suez) and ENEL, plus a specific agreement with ENGIE (formerly GDF-Suez) on occupational safety and health (OSH).

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We will closely and relentlessly scrutinize the effective implementation and follow-up of all commitments in Global Framework Agreements, working with our global membership and allies

EDF Group Global Framework Agreement

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Union Federations

Representatives of CGT-FMNE, CFDT-FCE, FO-FNME and CFE-CGC for France; UNISON, UNITE, GMB and Prospect for the UK; FGTB CGSP Gazelco and ACV-CSC BIE for Belgium; FILCTEM-CGIL, FLAEI-CISL for Italy signed in EDF Group Wagram offices in Paris, France.


It covers over 160,000 workers in 24 countries. It substantially improves earlier provisions for workers and trade unions.

PSI and IndustriALL sign new GFA with EDF