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Erdoğan’s witch-hunt against (Kurdish) healthcare workers in “Türkiye” continues

Scandalously fabricated accusations by a sold-out judiciary keep workers in prison for as long as possible — like Gönul Erden, in jail since 22 September 2021, and Selma Atabey, who has just been arrested last 4 July for “breach of bail conditions”

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If Women Stop, the World Stops!

It is time for global governance to put people and the planet over profit. Public Services International (PSI) joins the coalition of feminist, women, human rights and labour organisations calling for a Global Women’s Strike on 8th March, International Women’s Day.

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Building quality public services in Lebanon

With the support of affiliate partners, PSI is rolling out a project on improving public services for refugees and locals in Lebanon.

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Observing (in)justice in Turkey

PSI attends the opening of a trial of 14 health workers, accused of supporting terrorists for trying to help civilians during the Turkish army curfew of Cizre in 2016.

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Campaigners from the StopISDS Coalition protest Davos, the billionaires and the outrageous rights which corporations are being handed.

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The Glasgow Strike for Equal Pay

Follow our coverage live from the largest equal pay strike in UK History!

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Turkey: Accused just for being a (Kurdish) public sector worker

In the last few years, public employees have been identified by Erdoğan as the cornerstones of a solidarity coalition which emerged between the “left” and the Kurds…

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The Syrian Refugee Crisis and its Effect on Public Services in Turkey

Impact of Syrian Refugee Crisis on Access to Health Services

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