PSI membership is open to unions who represent public service workers. Our affiliated members are employed across a range of public service sectors including;

  • national, regional and local government;

  • healthcare and social services,

  • gas, electricity and water;

  • waste removal, processing and recycling services;

  • educational, cultural and recreational services;

  • construction, maintenance of roads and buildings;

and other sectors which provide services to the public.

Membership of PSI (also known as affiliation) is also open to organisations representing employees in international agencies established by associations of states or government authorities, including the United Nations.

Why should we join PSI?

The trade union movement is by far the largest democratic movement in the world. PSI is the acknowledged representative of public sector workers within this movement. We want to join our voice with yours at local level, and to join yours with ours at the international level.

Standing up for public sector unions the world over

We connect our members

We link you with other trade unionists facing the same struggles

We educate and inform

We organise international seminars and workshops to help train your union members and leaders on global issues

We produce valuable materials and analysis

We work with our affiliates on in-depth analysis on sectors and issues to help build the argument for quality public services at the domestic political level

We represent you at the global level

We bring your issues to important international forum and help our members navigate the annual International Labour Conference and lodge ILO complaints

We bring unions into the future

We give our members access to a range of digital tools, including our very-own website builder and the PeopleOverProfit anti-privatisation platform.

We challenge corporate power

We have helped win a number of victories against corporate-sponsored trade deals and are on the frontlines of the fight for tax justice, to ensure corporations and the rich pay their fair share.

How much will it cost us?

Our formula for calculating PSI annual affiliation fee is based on a country index, linked to United Nations GDP figures. This helps ensure that costs of running the organisation are shared equitably.

When unions affiliate to PSI, they let us know how many of their members are eligible for PSI coverage.

The baseline fee per affiliated member is currently 0.985€.

This amount is multiplied by the country index - unions from countries with lower GDP figures will have their fees reduced to help ensure all unions can participate in PSI.


1000 Members x 0.985€ per member = 985 Euros

985 Euros x country index of 0.5 (example)= 492.5 Euros

The indexes may be reviewed on a regular basis by the Executive Board or, by delegation, by the Steering Committee.

How do we apply to join?

If you would like to speak to us about joining, please phone our Head Office in France at +33450406464, or email The PSI application form can be downloaded via the links below.