Do you shudder when you hear the words outsourcing, privatisation or PPPs? Do you wish you could spend your days fighting corporate power? Do you believe a strong union movement will bring the progressive change we need?

We might just have the job for you.

As a Workers' International, our strength comes from our diverse staff, experiences and strategies which help grow our power. Our current team represents over 30 nationalities spread across five continents.

Working for Public Services International is more than just another job. We carry the legacy of the original Socialist Internationals. We fight for the rights of the workers we represent. We are committed to bringing quality public services to our communities.

Where do you fit in?

Political Officers

Refine our global strategy, develop policy alternatives, bring our message to international forum.


Develop the arguments we need to win, explore the future of unionism , analyse global trends in public services.


Create fresh union content, spread the public services message, make complicated issues easy to understand for the general public.


Plan Union Congresses and events, help with logistical support, liaise with our other offices around the world.


Keep our organization sustainable, explore new fundraising avenues, reach out to affiliates.


Organise union development activities around the world, facilitate exchanges between affiliates, build global solidarity.

Our Head Office is in Ferney Voltaire, France - just across the border from Geneva, Switzerland and a few kilometers from key International organizations including the United Nations, the International Labour Organsiation and the World Trade Organisation.

Che Guevara

"If you tremble with indignation at every injustice then you are a comrade of mine."

While we might not always have positions open, we're always on the look out for engaged activists with union or campaigning experience. We also frequently commission research on a range of issues and conduct projects around the world which often require auxiliary staff. Drop us your CV with a brief letter of interest, letting us know your skills and the sorts of positions you could be interested in.