If you are a worker

We take your struggle global. We connect you with other workers facing the same challenges, all across the globe. We take problems which begin on the shop floor, like low-wages, harassment or trade union rights breaches and bring them to the global level. We fight for improvements to your working conditions at the UN and other global forum. We stand up for your labour rights and promote your vital role in society.

If you are a union

We link your movement with the world. We share your successes with other unions and vice-versa. We help build your power domestically while growing our movement globally. We conduct comparative research to help you build the arguments needed to change the world. We launch global campaigns on the issues you fight for. We bring your voice to international forum and stand up for fundamental union rights.

Taking action for Workers and Public Services

Influencing governments and institutions...

PSI influences global policy in favour of the working class; we’re part of a number of High-Level United Nations panels and are a powerful presence within a number of international bodies including the WHO, WTO and the ILO. We’re not always the most popular voice in the room, especially with increasing corporate capture of political institutions at every level. But our influence has been key in obtaining a number of key victories for the union movement.

Campaigning for social and economic justice...

PSI allies with Civil Society Organisations and Social Movements to fight for worker's rights - and human rights. Our campaigns include large scale protests, sign-on letters, supporting striking workers and lobbying officials. Much of our campaigning is coordinated via the People Over Profit Platform; our new online tool which acts as both a campaign builder and knowledge center for union struggles.

Building international solidarity...

Today one thing is clear: the forces of capital act globally, and so must we. PSI builds international solidarity by sharing successes among unions, organising workshops to develop strategies and activating solidarity funds when our comrades come under attack.

Providing credible alternatives

Our ability to make progress for a fairer system depends on our ability to present credible alternatives, educate and mobilise public opinion and influence decision-makers. PSI produces a wide range of reports, investigations, toolkits and comparative analyses on public services and public sector work. These resources provide the basis of our arguments for alternatives to the corporate model of globalisation.

We lead the global fight against privatisation

We develop and share strategies and research to win the fight for publicly provided services, accessible to all. The institutions that impose and promote privatisation or austerity policies, such as the IMF or World Bank need to be challenged at the global level, while local coalitions of labour and community activists need to raise awareness about the dangers of privatisation and build their power to oppose these policies. We are the link between struggles against privatisation the world over.

We challenge corporate power

We believe that the out-weighted influence of corporations and the wealthy over our governments is undermining democracy, extracting wealth from the productive economy and acting against the interests of the working class and the public. We have helped win a number of victories against corporate-sponsored trade deals and are on the frontlines of the fight for tax justice, to ensure corporations and the rich pay their fair share.

Public Services International Research Unit

PSIRU examines the social, economic and political aspects of privatisation and liberalisation in water, energy, waste management, health care and social care.

PSIRU Website

Our Values


Sure, it’s been said before: but an injury to one is still an injury to all! Our movement is based on the simple concept that our strength comes from our collectivity - and as the largest, democratic membership-based movement in the world, it’s up to us to stand for the rights of those who society so often forgets.

Quality Public Services for all

We make sure public services fulfill their central role: realising human rights, supporting sustainable development and building equality. We value public services, and public service workers, for both the economic and social contribution they make to our society.

People over Profit

We believe the interests of the public should always be put ahead of private profits. We fight against corruption and corporate capture of our public institutions and stand for democratic governance.

Organising for growth

For the past few decades the labour movement has been under attack; yet PSI, and Public Sector unions in many countries have continued to grow. We will only achieve the social and economic justice we strive for by continuing to grow our membership and build the power of the wider movement.

Public Investment; not privatisation

We know that there is enough wealth to fund quality public services for all - and we reject the need for privatisation and outsourcing which shifts the cost onto the most vulnerable and the benefits to the hands of the few. We believe that if corporations and the rich are made to pay their fair share, through mobilisation and political pressure, then we can fund the essential public investment needed to achieve social justice.

Strength through diversity

We know that the global union movement will not survive if it fails to welcome in a higher diversity of workers at all levels We believe in an inclusive movement which unites different identities under a common struggle for economic justice. We promote women and youth leadership in trade unions and stand for LGBTQI rights.

Why we fight

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