e-learning - taking services back home

This on-demand training course seeks to support the work of trade unions to build deprivatisation strategies and campaigns.

Checklist - 10 essentials for a successful deprivatisation campaign

  Contact your trade union federation

  Establish a and update a list of contracts and their expiry dates

  Map private sector performance (e.g.: audits, company research, community and public inquiries)

  Check the applicable laws and regulations underpinning privatization in your country

  Anticipate competition law objections:

Objective analysis of the costs that will be incurred by the remunicipalisation

Transparent governance and management structures

Periodic assessments of public sector performance

  Prepare a worker transition:

Anticipate unions and workers’ objections (e.g. membership losses)

Hold regular information sessions with all affected workers

Check applicable labour provisions

Plan a social dialogue roadmap

  Map the position of various stakeholders and seek alliances

  Devise a media and social network strategy

  Plan mobilization tactics

  Lock in deprivatisation in collective agreement

Download the checklist

For more details, check the PSI comprehensive remunicipalisa on check-list for workers and trade unions