e-learning - taking services back home

This on-demand training course seeks to support the work of trade unions to build deprivatisation strategies and campaigns.

4 Building a trade union vision for bringing services in-house

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The answer in 5 minutes

Examples of social dialogues strategies and laws protecting workers in transition

Level 2: details of the course

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More information on the examples featured in Level 1

Legal protection in case of transfer of staff

Water remunicipalisation Eau de Paris

Remunicipalisation of tax counselling in Italy

Remunicipalisation of waste collection services in Oslo, Norway

Case III at p. 6

Case 29 at p.35 in

Remunicipalisation of elderly homes, Norway

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Resources for course 4

There is a vast amount of resources documenting the growing trend towards remunicipalisation. Briefing notes, videos, case studies related to this course can be accessed below. You can filter the resources on the search bar below.