Daniel Oberko

Daniel Oberko

Tax, Trade and Digitalisation Organiser (based in Ghana)


PSI together with Actionaid Tanzania and other CSOs presented on 12 November a tax proposals to the constitutional and legal affairs committee of the parliament of Tanzania. This is in the framework of the Tax Justice for Quality Public Services project that PSI is implementing in collaboration with FES, and is part of a campaign that aims to contribute to sealing the gaps to illicit financial flows, tax evasion and avoidance, and eliminate ‘wasteful’ tax incentives.


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Peters Adeyemi at the opening of a meeting held in Casablanca (Morocco) on 1-3 October. PSI affiliates and Civil Society Organizations in Africa and the MENA region call for a complete eradication of ISDS in investment and trade agreements, and a discontinuation of the Multilateral Investment Court (a reform proposal of the EU, to the ISDS) in the UNCITRAL Process.


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