Ressources clés sur la numérisation pour les syndicats

L'ISP a élaboré ces ressources pour aider les syndicats et les travailleurs à reprendre le contrôle de la numérisation sur leur lieu de travail et dans leur vie.

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Understanding Digitalisation

Worker friendly information to help you understand digitalisation and its effects on workers.

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Digitalization and public services: a labour perspective

This report provides an overview of how digitalization is affecting public service delivery, quality and access, employment conditions and labour rights worldwide. It examines how unions are responding to these changes and identifies how regulation and governance can be used to promote an equitable future of work.

Digitalization: A Union Action Guide For Public Services, Work and Workers

This online report helps understand how digitalization is affecting unions and members. Each chapter includes recommendations for union action.

Digital trade rules and Big Tech: Surrendering public good to private power

This report documents the risks associated with e-commerce and digital trade and outlines the importance of effective regulation. It concludes with recommendations for trade unions.

Economic rights in a data-based society

This report outlines the important role that public service unions must play in advocating for data and digital intelligence as public goods, ensuring the development of appropriate digital public institutions, and managing data infrastructures.

The Digitalisation of Local Public Services and Workplaces

This report highlights key trends in the digitalization of public services, including the development of smart cities, public utilities, public service employment, and the impact that Covid-19 has had on all of these issues.