Since 1907, our Global Union Federation has been struggling for workers rights and access to quality public services for all.

Today we continue this legacy, bringing the union movement and public services into the future.

Above all, we fight for a simple, core belief: people over profit.

Reina, female emergency worker from Japan


As one of only four female emergency workers in her unit, Reina fights fires, saves lives and advocates for workers rights in Omuta City, Japan.

Who we are

Public Services International is part of the original movement of Internationals: united groups of socialists, trade unionists and workers created to link the struggles of the working class around the world.

Since our founding Congress in 1907, PSI has grown into a truly global organization, with regional offices on every continent. From our Head Office in Ferney Voltaire, France (on the border with Geneva, Switzerland), our team continues this legacy.

Our Union Federation

By the numbers



Our mandate and support comes from the trade unions who affiliate to PSI - from small grassroots worker organisation to large national union centers



We’re proud to be a truly global organisation - our diversity gives us strength.

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Since our beginning, PSI has been dedicated to growing the union movement. We’re proud to bring together 700 trade unions representing 30 million working people the world over.

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Workers who make society happen.

As a union federation, we include 700 affiliated workers organisations; from grassroot movements to national union centers. Our power comes from the workers whose interests we defend. All of our activities are based on the concept that when we grow our power, we can improve the live of workers the world over.

To serve the community, public workers require labour rights, decent working conditions and involvement in the management of the services they deliver.

Our members work in public administrations; public utilities such as water and sanitation, electricity, and solid waste. They operate public transport and maintain public spaces; work in social, culture and education services such as libraries, museums, kindergartens, schools and universities. They are health and social services workers. Firefighters, emergency, medical first responders and municipal police are also among LRG/municipal workers.

Who We Are

Our purpose

We fight for equal access to quality public services - and for the labour rights of the workers who deliver them.

What we do

We promote public ownership and management of public services. PSI is on the frontline of the fight against privatisation, which serves the interests of the wealthy few at the cost of workers and our communities.

Joining PSI

We are the international voice of public sector unions, bringing our unique perspective to global forums such as the United Nations, WHO and the ILO. Join us.

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What We Do

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