Igor Ojeda

Igor Ojeda

Communications Coordinator for Inter-America


In this interview, Chilean union leader and a member of the World Women’s Committee (WOC) of Public Services International (PSI), talks about the exhaustion of primary health professionals in Chile as they fight the pandemic, the actions of the country’s trade union and social organizations in the face of the current socioeconomic crisis, and the need for a new Constitution that could potentially represent the emancipation of women, a respect for plurinationality, and the end of the neoliberal model that has been embedded in Chilean society for decades. On May 15 and 16, Chileans will elect the members of a Constituent Assembly that will be in charge of drafting a new Constitution.


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Como parte do publicação "Incentivos fiscais na América Latina", a ISP produziu um novo vídeo em parceria com o Le Monde Diplomatique Brasil, no qual aprofunda o caso da privatização do setor elétrico na Colômbia. Veja o estudo em: https://pop-umbrella.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/fe6bf7d3-b5f1-47ba-becc-7f872c8f83a8_Cartilha_Incentivos_Tributarios_PORT_Dupla_10-12_Indice__4_.pdf


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