Support for UNHRC Complaint: Hear the Voices of Children in Detention on the U.S.-Mexico Border.

Amplify the voices of separated families and children in detention who are suffering gross injustices and inhumane treatment on the border between the U.S. and Mexico.

Now is our opportunity to take a stand and encourage the UNHRC to speak out. Our children belong in schools, not caged in detention centers.

On 22 June 2018, the AFT, joined by PSI, EI, faith organizations, civil and human rights groups and more than 100,000 individuals, submitted a formal complaint to the United Nations Human Rights Council in a plea for justice for the separated children and their families subjected to torture and gross violations of human rights.

The Trump administration has separated more than 2,500 children from their families at the U.S. - Mexico border in the last year!

As of 13 January, over 10,500 migrant and asylum seeking minors were held in more than 100 detention centers across the U.S.!

The U.S. government has disclosed that at least six children have died while in custody during the last six months!


Randi Weingarten, Pres, American Federation of Teachers (AFT)

Rosa Pavanelli, Gen-Sec, Public Services International (PSI)

David Edwards, Gen-Sec, Education International (EI)

Alfonso Cepeda Salas, Gen-Sec, SNTE, Mexican Educators Union

José Olvera, Dep Gen-Sec, STUNAM, Mexican University Workers union

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