Since 1907, on the frontlines of the struggle for economic and social justice.

We are the workers who
make society happen.

We are the Global Union Federation of Workers in Public Services.

We are your nurses, firefighters and emergency responders. We collect your recycling and rubbish, we keep your water running, we make sure the lights stay on. We are your librarians and frontline public service staff. We fight for quality public services for all.

Con el propósito de conocer la realidad actual del teletrabajo en Latinoamérica y el Caribe y enfrentar adecuadamente las transformaciones en el empleo público, la ISP -gracias al proyecto FORSA- junto a la Fundación Nodo XXI realizaron un estudio comparativo de las legislaciones sobre teletrabajo en 15 países de la Región: Argentina, Brasil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, México, Paraguay, Perú, Uruguay, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Panamá, Honduras, El Salvador y República Dominicana.


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We do not want health workers to become dead heroes. And we need as many health workers as possible to be alive and healthy to keep up the good work they are doing.

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Making society happen

Public Services International is a Global Union Federation of more than 700 trade unions representing 30 million workers in 154 countries.

We bring their voices to the UN, ILO, WHO and other regional and global organisations. We defend trade union and workers' rights and fight for universal access to quality public services.

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